Veggie Power

by Mike

I started making B100 5 years ago and have put about 95,000 miles on my 99 Dodge Pickup since then. I put 50% diesel in the tank for the winter when it gets down to about 10 degrees, and park it. I have had it give up on me one time, and it was a lot of work getting it running and back home at 15 below.

I am currently looking at purchasing a Dodge Sprinter and setting it up with dual tanks so I can run on B100 year around. I currently drive about 800 miles a week so I need to do something to keep my fuel costs down.

I also mix Biodiesel with diesel to make a B80 mix and heat my home with it. I have to change the fuel/air mixture every now and then and clean the soot out of the boiler occasionally.

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