More Forms of Renewable Energy

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Biodiesel is just one of many forms of renewable energy. Just think of the earth's natural energy - sunlight, wind, waves, and heat deep within the Earth. These sources can be captured for use at home and they will never be diminished! Here are some examples of the ways these natural energy sources are harnessed for human use:

installing solar panels

Solar Energy

You can trap some of the sun's enormous amount of energy by using solar panels. The solar panels will convert the sunlight into electricity. Let the sun do all the work for you! Did you know solar energy is not only used for heating, but also for COOLING? (opens in a new window at

How about setting up a solar cooker oven out in your yard? Here's more info on solar cooking (opens in a new window).

Geothermal Energy - You can use the heat caused by magma deep beneath the earth's crust as an alternative energy source.

Wind Energy - stick a wind turbine in the ground where the wind is strong and let the wind create electricity for you!

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is the power caused by atoms fusing together - and it produces great amounts of energy! Hydrogen powered nuclear fusion (link opens in a new window) is an exciting possiblity in our near future.

Study these ideas in greater depth and to learn more about other forms of renewable energy at 'Alternative Energy Geek'. (opens in new window.)

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