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Do you want to learn all about biodiesel, from the plants, to the finished product... and then some? So did I. But this is a wide web! It was a daunting task to find accurate information.

I compiled what I found to be the best of all the information. Now you have access to it... in one place!

Why Use Biodiesel?

Using this fuel can save you money on fuel and reduce your emissions!

From the seed to a beautiful amber fuel, the process of making this biofuel is quite simple.

Contents of This Site:

This site contains information on diesel vehicles, oil crops, how to make it at home, the chemistry behind it, and other FAQ's.

I add new pages and update old pages as often as possible. I have two young kids however, and you may find some pages that need updating. If you do (or have any other suggestions), please notify me via the 'Contact' button at the bottom of the navigation bar :)

Your input is greatly appreciated!

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Biodiesel FAQ's in an Easy to Read List
Biodiesel FAQ's - advantages, disadvantages, history...
Potential Biodiesel Crops, Otherwise known as Biodiesel Feedstocks
Each of these biodiesel crops has it's own incentive - high oil yields, complete plant usability, and drought tolerance to name a few.
Great Biodiesel Vehicles
Most diesels will run well on biodiesel. Choose from the best biodiesel vehicles and find the one that fits your needs.
Biodiesel Power... an Increase or a Decrease?
Test conclusions for biodiesel power vary quite a bit. The cause for these variances are probably due to petrol diesel's wide range of energy content...
Biodiesel Mileage Effects
How does energy content affect biodiesel mileage? Most tests estimate that the use of B100 will only decrease mileage by 5%...
Biodiesel Compatibility
Biodiesel compatibility: It has a positive effect on indirect injection engines, but can cause problems in direct injection engines.
1-Liter Biodiesel Recipe
Here is the biodiesel recipe for a 1-liter batch. It uses new oil, so you won’t have to titrate, a great way to become familiar with making biodiesel!
Biodiesel Titration Chemistry
The purpose of biodiesel titration is to determine the amount of catalyst needed to neutralize the unknown amount of acid (FFA) in WVO...
Biodiesel Titration Supplies
Here is a detailed list of the supplies you will need to perform biodiesel titration...
Preparing a Biodiesel Titration Solution
Learn how to prepare a biodiesel titration solution using a scale accurate to 0.01, or 0.1.
Biodiesel Titration Using Phenolphthalein or Turmeric
How to perform a biodiesel titration using phenolphthalein or turmeric...
Biodiesel Supplies List
Here is al list of the biodiesel supplies you are likely to need when using a home-brewing system: Filters, titration tests, scale, mixer, heater, reactor, settling tank, wash tank, processor
WVO Oil Collection for Biodiesel
Here are some helpful supplies for wvo oil collection, some examples of good oil sources, how to ask permission to take it, how to check the quality, and how to collect and transport it.
Making Biodiesel Fuel is Simple
Home-brewers are racking up their savings by making biodiesel fuel from their garages. Learn about the simple chemical transformation and how to do it yourself.
Water Washing Biodiesel
Popular methods of water washing biodiesel: bubble washing, mist washing, and stir washing. Not all methods are created equal. Stir washing can only be used with high quality fuel...
Biodiesel Waste /By-Products
Need to know what to do with your biodiesel waste or by-products? Here is a list of options for disposing of biodiesel chemicals, glycerin, methanol and wastewater.
Pick Your Biodiesel Test
Find the biodiesel test that is right for you. There are many ways of testing biodiesel, and each is useful during different stages in the fuel making process.
Emulsions and Biodiesel
Dreaded emulsions are sometimes caused when washing biodiesel. Emulsions are caused by excess soaps, and unreacted fuel coupled with agitation. There are several remedies for them...
Alternate Forms of Renewable Energy
Other forms of renewable energy are solar energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy to name just a few.
ReUse Your Trash
Instead of throwing away so many things, get creative and find ways to ReUse them!
Biodiesel Forums
Here are my four favorite biodiesel forums. You can find the answer to just about any question pertaining to biodiesel here.
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