ReUse Your Would-be Trash

If you're excited about saving money making your own biodiesel, or you’re excited about reducing your footprint... then you are probably the type to get creative and find ways to reuse your would-be trash! Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Use those plastics bags from grocery shopping as a liner in small trash cans, to collect all the trash that acquires in your car, or use them instead of plastic gloves (such as fishing your cell phone out of the toilet).

• Save your self quite a bit of money by buying second-hand items from garage sale, thrift stores and eBay.

• Reuse the large plastic containers you get when buying peanuts, Parmesan, or cappuccino mix in bulk instead of buying extra Tupperware.

• Use all that leftover grease from making steak fries and, do I even have to tell you... make biodiesel!

• Once you are have busted out the knees in your jeans, you can use them to filter your WVO.

*If you need some inspiration, check out this site for more tips on living green!

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