Biodiesel Titration Supplies

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Many of the supplies used in biodiesel titration can be found around the house, but be sure not to use them for anything else (especially food use) once they have been exposed to the catalyst!

Titration Supplies:

Containers for Titrating Oil

• Container - plastic or glass, needs to hold 1 liter and be re-sealable; it is for storing the titration solution in.

• 3 small cups - (plastic or glass), they need to hold 1/4 cup (about 50 ml) or more.

• Distilled water (tap water may not be pH neutral).

Scale and Paper Tray for measuring Catalyst

Scale for measuring the catalyst

Chemicals for Titration: Phenolphthalein, Isopropyl Alchohol, Catalyst

• Isopropyl alcohol (30 ml) - with a purity of at least 90%.

• Catalyst - either Potash or Lye (only 1 gram will be needed).

• pH indicator - Phenolphthalein is very accurate, and Tumeric can also be used (a much cheaper alternative).

* More info on Chemicals Used in Titration

measuring cup and syringes -supplies for titration

• Syringes - 3 that measure to the ml and hold a capacity of 10 ml (plastic is fine).

• Liquid measuring cup or pitcher - for measuring 1 liter of water.

Safety gloves and goggles

• Safety gloves - for handling the catalyst.

• Safety goggles - for splashes.


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