An Introduction to the
Chemistry of Biodiesel Titration

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The purpose of biodiesel titration is to determine the amount of catalyst needed to neutralize the unknown amount of acid (FFA) in waste vegetable oil (WVO). This biodiesel preparation process will determine how much of the catalyst (a base) needs to be added to achieve this. 

A Brief Explanation of the Chemistry of Titration:

• Since the acidity of the WVO is not known, you will use a pH indicator to tell when the slowly added titration solution has caused it to become neutralized. You will then be able to determine how much of the catalyst is needed to neutralize the WVO.

• A sample of the oil will be taken, and added to the alcohol (which is pH neutral) in order to dilute it.

• A couple drops of pH indicator will be added to this.

• Measured amounts of titration solution will be slowly added to the mixture until the pH indicator indicates it has been neutralized.

• A formula will be used to determine how much catalyst will be needed per liter of oil when making a large batch of fuel.

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