Seat Toledo Tdi, loves veggie

by Gordon Munn
(Fife, Scotland)

Been driving Seat Toledo Tdi, T reg, year 2000. Been running on WVO for approx 9 months. Now showing 170,000 miles on the clock. When I bought the car it was showing 157,000 miles, I reckon I have done at least 9,000 miles using WVO. Luckily enough I can collect from work. I pour into a 150 litre holding tank in my shed, then pour out and heat approx 20 litres and filter through a bed sheet and hoover filter. I usually mix 50/50 but more often than not its probably 60/40 or greater with no problems. If anything the car sounds quieter. I have even run on 100% wvo, without any difficulties. Long may the ride continue.

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