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Biodiesel titration kits offer a variety of supplies. I recommend you get a basic kit if you’re not committed yet. A higher-end kit can carry a much higher price tag and might have some glass flasks and a magnetic stirrer which are great if you will be using them a lot or are putting on a demonstration. Below are a couple lists of what you can expect to find in a titration kit. Learn titrate here.

Basic Contents:

• Small Scale accurate to .05 grams (for measuring the catalyst)

• (3) 10 ml syringes marked to the ml

• (3) Plastic beakers

• (3) Vials (for shaking up the solution in)

Higher-end Kits May Include:

• 1 Liter pitcher

• 1 Liter sealable plastic bottle (for storing the titration solution)

• Funnel (for ease of transferring the liquid)

• Chemical Safety Gloves

• pH indicator

• Catalyst

• Magnetic stirrer

• Glass flasks

* the catalyst

can be purchased in very small quantities, but since it's a chemical it will still be expensive to have shipped. All the fancy stuff that comes with the bigger kits isn’t necessary, but it is beneficial if you will be taking pictures or putting on a demonstration.

You can purchase a WVO Titration Kit online from Duda.

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