Biodiesel Test for Water Washing

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Use a biodiesel test to determine if the fuel is completely washed. First, check the clarity of the wash water. If the drained water is as clear as it was before the wash, do a water test by taking its pH and compare it to the pH of before the wash water was used. If it is the same pH, it is likely clean, however, you can do the shake test to be extra sure.

Check the Clarity of the Wash Water:

If the wash water is clear, or looks the same as when it entered, it is an indication the biodiesel is clean. If it passes this test, move on to the pH test.

pH Wash Water Test:

Take a pH test of the exiting wash water. If the pH is the same as before you started washing with it, it your biodiesel is likely clean. (This indicates that all the soap has been removed. )

Shake-Em Up Test:

If your fuel passed the Clarity and pH tests, but you want to be extra sure, do this quick test as well.

Fill a sealable bottle half with your washed biodiesel, half with water. Seal the bottle and shake it vigorously for 15 seconds.

If the water and biodiesel separate quickly, and the water is clear, this is an indication your biodiesel has very low soap content.

Soap Titration Test

If you'd like to know the soap content in parts per million (PPM), the Soap Titration Test (opens in a new window) can be extremely accurate when done properly.

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