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Biodiesel filtersBiodiesel filters are used for filtering waste vegetable oil. WVO has all sorts of food particles that need to be strained out before it is used to make biodiesel. Even after the oil has been turned into biodiesel, it is sometimes filtered yet again. It is important to use filtered biodiesel to minimize the wear on your engine. Also, if you filter the biodiesel before adding it to your tank, the fuel filter in your vehicle won’t have to be changed as often.

Any filter used in biodiesel production must be able to withstand the heat, acids , and solvents present in biodiesel production.

Different Types of Biodiesel Filters:

• Bag filters are a long tube of material. They can rely on gravity to feed the oil through them, or pressure can be applied to speed the process as long as they are encased in housing.

• There are filters that fit snuggly within buckets and drums. These filters go several inches down inside the container making pouring the oil in an easy, no-mess job. You can purchase these Filters online from Duda.

• With cartridge filters, there is the option of biodiesel spin on filter assemblies and also types enclosed in a permanent housing. Cartridge filters will require a pump.

• Some home-brewers have used old blue jeans as a filter by sewing up the bottom of the legs and using them as huge bag filters! (This will only work well as a preliminary filter, not as a final filter!)

• Some people don’t filter at all. They heat the WVO up, allow it to settle for 1 or 2 weeks and remove the top 4/5 for use.

The Size of the Filter:

Here’s how filters work: the smaller the micron number, the finer the filter.

When filtering WVO, 200 and 400-micron filters are a popular size to start with (you may even need a higher micron grade depending on the griminess of your oil).

For SVO, it is normal to start filtering with 200 and 100-micron filters.

A 5-micron filter should be used to finish off the job.

The finer the filter used when filtering biodiesel, the less often the filter within the vehicle will have to be changed, and the less wear on the engine.

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