There are MANY Advantages of Biodiesel!

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Economic, vehicular, environmental... you name it!

canola field advantages of biodieselEconomic advantages of biodiesel:

• In 2007 America imported 58% of the petroleum it used. With most of its petroleum coming from unstable countries, America does not have much energy security. Biodiesel can help break America’s dependence on foreign countries.

• Biodiesel effects may include: new jobs, a cut in trade deficit, and increased farm income while reducing money spent on subsidies.

And now for… Vehicular Benefits:

• Biodiesel has lubricating properties, which can increase the life of the engine. Biodiesel acts as a solvent and will leave behind less residue than petrodiesel. If petrodiesel was used previously, it will clean out the leftover residues. So after switching to biodiesel, remember to check your filter!

• Most compression-ignition diesel engines will run biodiesel with no modifications.

• Biodiesel effects on fuel consumption, power, torque or haulage rates when compared to petrodiesel is minimal.

• ASTM certified biodiesel must have a flash point greater than 199°F (93°C). Compare that to astm certified petrodiesel whose flash point is required to be greater than 126°F (52°C). Talk about SAFE!

• Diesel vehicles have 20-30% greater fuel economies than gasoline run vehicles.

And Lastly… Advantageous Effects of Biodiesel on the Environment!

• Biodiesel produces 3.2 times more energy than what is used when making it – this is called a positive net energy balance. This is is a VERY high number.

• Biodiesel can be produced from sustainable resources.

• Restaurant waste oil can be recycled to make this biofuel.

• The energy efficiency of biodiesel is 320%, and petrodiesel is only 83%.

• Using biodiesel instead of petrodiesel eliminates sulfur emissions.

• According to a study done by the EPA, the average impact of biodiesel on heavy-duty highway emissions is:

- It decreases carbon monoxide by 48%

- Unburned Hydrocarbons are reduced by 67%

- Particulate matter is decreased by 47%.

• Crops grown to make biodiesel absorb carbon dioxide, which offsets the carbon dioxide it produces when burned.

• It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

As you can see there are MANY advantages of biodiesel.

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